30 July 2017

Not funny

I'm generally pretty comfortable sharing everything about my life with whoever I happen to be chatting to. Usually, "everything" happens to consist mainly of short, anecdotal stories about whatever funny thing has happened recently. Except lately, my stories are starting to sound like a list of complaints.

I'll talk about how funny it is that I accidentally used vinegar in the chocolate icing!!! Because I thought it was balsamic vinegar!! But we didn't actually have balsamic vinegar! Because no one ever remembers to replace the things they use up. and it would be just flipping fantastic if I could have some bloody help every now and again. haha.

I suppose the first step is recognising that I have a problem- I'm not quite sure how to rectify it yet, but until I have something else to tell strangers other than a list of EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE THAT IS UTTERLY WRONG RIGHT NOW, it might me a good idea if I just piped down After all, if you don't have anything nice to say, you probably shouldn't say anything at all.